Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

High-performance analytical solutions, neural networks, and machine learning systems help solve practical tasks that required enormous resources until recently. These technologies will soon change our vision of how to prevent fraud, ensure information and physical security, and handle text, video, and audio. Computer systems already help avoid human errors during exhaustive routine work by extracting valuable data from technological processes, video streams, time sequences, goods receipts, etc.
The unique feature of these solutions is their ability to self-learn with minimum human participation. In medicine, they help diagnose diseases by detecting the slightest deviation in monitored health indicators. Powered by these solutions, banks can select borrowers more carefully and improve their own financial stability. In addition, city management and transportation specialists can develop optimal routes that take account of multiple complex factors.

CROC has gathered an international AI team of engineers, programmers, and consultants in cutting-edge IT areas. These experts run projects using their own methodology to implement innovations at less cost and prevent problems. As a result, customers no longer have to wait for miracle solutions from yet another "sensational technology" but can instead look at meeting their goals in terms of business efficiency.
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