Process Automation

CROC's solutions help customers control core processes to create an easily-managed business. Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) release staff from multiple routine operations and provide even more transparency regarding a company's operations. This results in cohesive performance of all departments and units and the absence of bottlenecks in even the most complex communication chains.
BPMS visualize complex processes using role-based models. A company can thus better identify 'hot spots' online and properly allocate available resources. This is an extremely valuable tool for any organization involved in project activities or providing services. Due to strict action sequence regulation, all participants clearly understand their areas of responsibility, while managers are able to obtain the best performance from their subordinates.

CROC is experienced in creating BPMS for large holdings, financial and insurance companies. Our experts widely leverage the accumulated integration competences to combine disparate enterprise systems into a single BPMS and create a unified information environment for all project participants.
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