Business Intelligence and Big Data

CROC analytical solutions allow customers to unveil the great power of accumulated day-to-day data. This information, which is often lost or left unused in corporate storage, provides companies with a unique opportunity to better understand their customers, develop business processes, and create new products and services.
To effectively handle ever-growing data volumes, CROC creates special-purpose data lakes—integrated storages that allow for the generation of reports to meet the current needs of functional specialists. These solutions help banks create detailed customer profiles to generate personalized offerings and effectively handle risks. In retail, they help thoroughly analyze sales in real time to avoid both overstocking and empty shelves. In manufacturing, they optimize complex equipment performance by detecting early failure signs and setting optimal operating modes.

Additional benefits of CROC's analytical solutions include the creation of a single reliable data source to support managerial decisions and more effective visualization of composite indicators. A customer's specialists can thus quickly build complex models to verify working hypotheses and check how certain factors impact profit.
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