CROC Digital Insight is your technology and business partner

Our goal
We are committed to giving you an advantage over rivals when it comes to embracing digitalization, cutting-edge technology and new business models.
We offer
World-class business consulting for you to quickly identify the real needs of your end consumers, build ambitious and actionable digital strategies, create new ideas and transform them into competitive digital products, services or even new businesses, thus revolutionizing consumer communication.
Technology competence
27 years
years of track record in technological solutions for business
hardware and software vendors
in Industry 4.0,
AI, RPA, ML, and VR/AR
proprietary innovation environment
Completed projects
for leading consulting firms, technology companies, and design studios
years of track record in technological solutions for business
We are a team with a wide experience of successful implementation of strategic and technological projects.
Oleg Kravchenko
Deputy CEO at CROC, Director of CROC Digital Insight
  • 20+ years of IT track record
  • Relations with key accounts and major partners
Konstantin Astakhov
Head of Practice Digital Products, Platforms, and Services
  • 15+ years of IT track record
  • Improvement of digital products, as well as portal and mobile solutions
  • Rich experience in projects for financial institutions
Askar Bagaviev
Head of Practice Digitalization and Transformation
  • 7+ years in strategic consulting
  • Former BCG project manager
  • IoT startup experience
Polina Khabarova
Deputy CEO, Chief Transformation Officer at CROC
  • 10+ years of track record in organization development
  • No.1 HR Director in IT company (according to Kommersant Publishing House)
  • HR Tech practice supervision
  • Major Russian businesses consulting on transformation matters
Dmitry Vasiliev
First Deputy Director General, CROC
  • 25+ years of IT track record
  • Relations with key accounts and major partners
  • Among Top 3 commercial directors in the IT industry (rating by Russian Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House)
Alexey Smirnov
Chief Innovation Officer, CROC
  • 15+ years of track record in IT, business transformation and development, corporate innovations, and change management.
  • Manager of major digital transformation and digital infrastructure creation projects in the government, banking, and manufacturing sectors.
Career CROC Digital Insight – the ability to implement breakthrough solutions at the intersection of technology, business, and work with users. Is the work in the team of the best specialists of the CRIC and consultants with experience in leading international consulting firms and design studios. Description of vacancies:
Project Manager