Today's Russia focuses on embracing digital technology, and it is the public sector to drive and accelerate this adoption process. Industry 4.0 technologies now enable not only digitalization of particular processes, companies or agencies, but also creation and development of open information systems and global solutions that transform all aspects of our life. Business, government and people intensify both their interactions and data exchange, with these ever-increasing and diverse communications opening up new development opportunities.

Russia  has made some progress in G2C digitalization: the Unified Public Services Portal of the Russian Federation (Gosuslugi) accounted for a total of 86 million active users in 2018 (+21M YoY) and 582 million visits (+30% YoY).  The ambitious goal is to boost the number of new users, both citizens and businesses, interacting with government agencies via digital channels from 15% in 2017 up to 70% by 2024.  

CROC Digital Insight is a skilled service and solution provider to the government agencies and organizations. Our consultants do understand the public sector specifics and use the best practices to meet its needs in line with the effective legislation. Technological experts of CROC Digital Insight address a wide range of tasks, including integration of governmental IT systems, smart data processing, and creation of digital platforms, products and mobile apps.
Developing digital solutions for government organizations, we focus on UI/UX design, map optimal customer journeys, hold design thinking sessions, analyze end-user feedback, and leverage other best practices.
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