6 September, 2019
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CROC Expands Into Digital Marketing

CROC is planning to start offering MarTech and product analytics solutions to help transform marketing in the eCommerce, banking, telecom, retail, insurance, travel, real estate, and HoReCa sectors.

CROC Digital Insight, a consulting unit of IT company CROC, announced the launch of its digital marketing and product analytics practice. In addition to digital marketing consulting, the new practice will also create and offer MarTech services and analytical tools to optimize and personalize digital channels, mobile apps, and websites using a data-driven approach.

CROC Digital Insight now features both authors and developers of Retentioneering, a user behavior analysis technology underlying the product portfolio of the newly established digital marketing practice. As a result, CROC’s customers can gain consumer insights, analyze user journeys to reveal website or app interface issues, optimize search results, personalize offerings, improve advertising campaign management, and thus ultimately ensure business profit growth.

“Digital tools help accurately identify consumer habits, as well as increase conversion, average bill, and purchase frequency, while also reducing user churn and optimizing advertising budgets. We started the digital marketing and product analytics practice within CROC Digital Insight to help companies navigate a wide variety of relevant solutions and optimize their business using a data-driven approach,” noted Oleg Kravchenko, Deputy CEO at CROC, Director of CROC Digital Insight.

Thus far, CROC Digital Insight has undertaken several Retentioneering projects for Svyaznoy Travel, netPrint, and other customers. As a result, Svyaznoy Travel now enjoys a 2.6x increase in profits in one of its key channels and 5x better email marketing conversion thanks to personalization and predictive analytics. As part of another project, CROC Digital Insight leveraged its proprietary automated user journey analytics tools to help a large online service provider increase order conversion by 50% via a mobile app.

“This new practice has huge potential, far beyond predictive analytics alone. Indeed, in many projects, our experienced team members have already proven that they can increase a customer's revenue by 15-50% in just two months using relevant tools to automatically identify pain points, offer solutions, and perform A/B hypothesis testing. As marketing teams of large businesses are switching to digital tools, we are ready to offer them the most advanced data-driven solutions,” said Maksim Godzi, Head of Digital Marketing and Product Analytics Practice, CROC Digital Insight.

“CROC Digital Insight is currently expanding its portfolio of ready-to-use digital marketing solutions, realizing that product analytics, personalization, and dynamic pricing mean a leap forward in understanding and satisfying business needs and improving customer relations. A seasoned professional in simulation testing and monitoring of the performance of many relevant solutions, CROC Digital Insight can complete marketing transformations of any complexity,” said Askar Bagaviev, Head of Digitalization and Transformation Practice, CROC Digital Insight.