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Develop business and enter new markets
Strengthen competitive advantage
Roll out a new product or service
Deploy digital solutions and services
Consulting helps develop successful customer relationships, with both parties scrutinizing a customer's level of maturity and specific business needs, as well as identifying ways and technologies needed to obtain a competitive edge.

Our consulting service provides a thorough survey of industry-specific and international best practices and visionaries' evaluations, explaining why, how, and when a business should go digital (digital transformation road map).

What we offer:

Digital transformation strategy:

  • Technological forecasts
  • Market Tech
  • IT consulting
  • Accelerator
  • Industry-specific and international best practices
  • Transformation vision development
  • Road map
  • Interaction with partners

Preparing and conducting transformation:

  • Transformation platform
  • Transformation support
  • Organizational consulting
  • HR Tech
  • Innovation management
  • Educational platforms and resources
  • Gamification

Developing Industry 4.0 concept:

  • Factory 4.0
  • BIM
  • Marking and tracking
    Transformation of operating model
    DE2E (Digital end-to-end)
    Digital Transformation is about understanding that any business process can be digitalized in full. And this revolutionizes everything: product quality, consumer expectations, and, first and foremost, the very approach to business processes. With the best management and technology solutions at hand, CROC Digital is a true transformation enabler that spurs business development, reduces time-to-market, and excludes human errors, thus freeing up employees to create new business values.

    What we offer:

    • Process reengineering (robotic automation and digitalization)
    • Selection of optimal digital technology

    Customer experience study to create new products
    We are committed to finding new ways to improve consumer loyalty, increase average bill, and reduce time to market for products and services. By exploring end consumers and their experience with a customer's brand, we help the customer develop and quickly field-test hypotheses and product prototypes. Field-tests involve real consumers and leverage advanced Customer Development (CustDev) methods, thus allowing for prompt roll-out of fully-functional digital products and services.

    What we offer:

    • Customer journey map drafting
    • User experience analysis
    • Digital product concept shaping
    • Field-testing of a product idea or prototype (CustDev)

    WHY US?
    Top-notch consultants with international track record
    100% business support right here and now
    Turn-key consulting, from idea to deployment
    Consumer-side view on services and products
    Customer-oriented approach and search for optimal solution
    Flexible communications
    Faster time-to-market for new insurance products

    AlfaStrakhovanie's new prompt and flexible tariff calculation service covers a range of insurance products (including sales to clients), enabling the company to respond to market changes faster than competitors and develop personalized offers for each client. The system performs around 10,000 calculations per minute, automatically checking insurance products for compliance with thousands of internal business rules, from calculating all insurance rates to evaluating customer creditworthiness ratings, all in real time. Thanks to CROC Digital, business users can now change the set of business rules to be checked, without any help from IT professionals, using over 200 input parameters and thousands of atomic rules.
    Cherkizovo Group
    Better customer service

    Instead of disparate call centers, the Group now has a single and easy-to-manage contact center where 120 agents process 2,500+ calls from customers and partners every day, demonstrating continuous and high-speed service thanks to effectively distributed agent workload during holidays, peak hours and high seasons.

    Cherkizovo Group's contact center follows unified rules, using standard reports and a timesheet management and KPI calculation system. The contact center's reporting and quality control system generates analytics on personnel workload and specific actions and also allows supervisors to listen to agent conversations, thus helping them elaborate new conflict resolution scenarios and, ultimately, lowering the risk of customer/partner loss and improving brand loyalty.

    Robotic HR process automation

    A new mobile chatbot, CROCliveBot, is now the most advanced, convenient, and fast way for 2,000+ CROC employees to obtain information and services relating to internal business processes, training, and corporate programs. Chatbot users can learn about a company's recent news and corporate shuttle schedule (to office and metro), get a Wi-Fi password, find colleague's contacts, order business trips, book meeting rooms, order guest passes, look through the canteen menu, and wish a colleague a happy birthday, with a total of 15+ business processes being robotized.
    Central Suburban Passenger Company (CSPC)
    Improved transportation safety and passenger service quality

    Central Suburban Passenger Company is the largest Russian commuter railway company, serving over 1.6 million passengers every day. To become a leader in suburban rail traffic, CSPC needed to achieve a new level of management, increase control over complex infrastructure and process maintenance, and improve business intelligence to make more informed management decisions. Therefore, the project was designed to improve service quality, ensure passenger safety, and adopt a new business breakeven model.

    The new situation and analytical center addresses all of these challenges with flying colors and has become the core for online monitoring, management, and analysis of all of the customer's operating activities, including passenger service and maintenance of platforms, ticket machines, etc.

    High-tech VR/AR sales tools

    DeLaval develops and supplies integrated solutions for dairy farming, including farm design, equipment installation, consulting, and maintenance. DeLaval was looking for a new way to demonstrate its solutions that would attract new customers and boost sales, with the company finally opting for virtual and augmented reality. Project deliverables included a holographic model of a 2,400-cow milk farm displayed on a virtual holographic table (for demonstration during tradeshows) and a mobile application, DeLaval: Augmented Reality.

    As a result, expo visitors can now put on special glasses and view a 'live' farm model in great detail at different angles, and watch how DeLaval equipment facilitates the milking process, cow stalling and feeding, milk cooling and transporting, and manure removal.
    competence centers + demo labs
    consulting projects
    high-profile experts in Industry Х.0, AI, RPA, ML, chatbots, VR/AR, etc.
    business challenges per year
    proprietary digital transformation trainings
    proprietary innovation environment
    marketing surveys
    Oleg Kravchenko
    Deputy Director General, CROC Managing Director at CROC Digital Insight
    Konstantin Astakhov
    Head of CROC Digital Insight
    Askar Bagaviev
    Head of Digital Consulting, CROC Digital Insihgt
    Maksim Godzi
    Director for Digital Marketing and Product Analytics
    Alexey Smirnov
    Chief Innovation Officer, CROC
    Polina Khabarova
    Deputy Director General, HR Director, Chief Transformation Officer, CROC
    Dmitry Vasiliev
    First Deputy Director General, CROC
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    We are shaping CROC's new business practice to help give you an advantage over rivals when it comes to embracing digitalization, advanced technology and new business models. Together with our world-class business consultants, you can quickly identify the real needs of your end consumers, build ambitious and actionable digital strategies, create new ideas and transform them into competitive digital products, services or even new businesses, thus revolutionizing consumer communication.
    Personal data processing policy
    1. Purpose and scope of application

    This Personal Data Processing Policy (hereinafter — the "Policy") has been developed pursuant to Article 18.1 of Federal Law 152-FZ "On Personal Data", the requirements of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automated Personal Data Processing, international treaties to which the Russian Federation is a party, federal laws, and other regulations of the Russian Federation concerning personal data.

    This Policy shall apply to relations involving the processing and security assurance of sensitive data that may be qualified as personal data pursuant to the legislation of the Russian Federation (hereinafter — "Personal Data, PD").

    This Policy determines ground rules, objectives, procedure, and terms of processing Personal Data of employees of ZAO (JSC) CROC incorporated (hereinafter — the "Company") and other subjects whose Personal Data is processed by the Company. This Policy sets forth provisions concerning liability of the Company and its employees for violation of personal data processing legislation.

    This Policy is a public document available on the Company's official website. This Policy shall not apply to relations arising out of:

    • Storage, arrangement, recording, and use of documents that contain personal data and are qualified as archival documents in accordance with the archiving legislation of the Russian Federation,
    • Processing of personal data classified as information, which constitutes the state secrets pursuant to the established procedure.
    All the Company employees shall follow this Policy.

    2. Terms and abbreviations

    PD means Personal Data

    PDISmeans Personal data information systems

    UA means Unauthorized access

    3. Personal Data processing principles

    The Company shall process PD following the following principles:

    1. PD shall be processed lawfully and fairly
    2. PD may only be processed for specific, pre-defined, and legal purposes
    3. The Company shall only process PD in compliance with personal data collection purposes
    4. The Company shall separate databases that contain PD to be processed for the purposes incompatible with each other
    5. The Company shall only process PD in compliance with its processing purposes
    6. Content and scope of PD to be processed shall meet the stated processing purposes
    7. PD to be processed shall not be in excess of the stated processing purposes
    8. PD processing shall ensure PD accuracy, sufficiency, and, if necessary, relevance with respect to PD processing purposes
    9. Necessary steps shall be taken to remove or update incomplete or inaccurate PDн;
    10. PD shall be stored in a form that allows for PD subject identification and only as long as is needed for PD processing purposes, unless the period of PD storage is established by a federal law or an agreement to which a PD subject is a party or under which PD subject is a beneficiary or a guarantor
    11. PD shall be destroyed or depersonalized upon achievement of processing purposes or when achievement of such purposes is no longer required, unless otherwise stipulated by the federal law.

    4. Personal Data processing objectives

    The Company shall process personal data in order to carry out its activities pursuant to the legislation of the Russian Federation and the Company's Articles of Association.

    5. Categories of Personal Data subjects

    The Company shall process PD (using or without automation tools) of the following subjects

    • Applicants for positions within the Company
    • The Company employees and their family members (spouses and close relatives)
    • The Company former employees
    • Persons that have pre-contractual relations with the Company, or are parties to civil agreements with the Company, or have already fulfilled their obligations under the same
    • Persons doing an internship (being on probation) in the Company
    • The Company shareholders
    • The Company counterparties represented by individual entrepreneurs, their employees, founders, directors, representatives (persons acting under powers of attorney) and by employees of legal entities that have or had contractual relations with the Company or wish to enter into agreements with the Company
    • The Company office visitor
    • Other persons if their PD is to be processed for the Company to achieve the purposes specified in Section 4 hereof.

    6. Personal Data categories

    The Company shall process PD of the following categories:

    • General PD (other PD) that do not fall in special personal data categories, biometric personal data, or publicly available personal data
    • Biometric PD
    • Publicly available PD

    7. List of persons who arrange and take part in PD processing and security

    The Company has appointed a person responsible for PD processing arrangement

    The Company has appointed a person responsible for PD and PD information system security

    The Company has appointed persons responsible for PD processing arrangement within business units

    The Company employees take part in PD processing within the scope of their job duties.

    8. PD Processing and security

    8.1 PD processing and processing termination procedure

    The Company may process PD in the following cases:

    • PD may be processed with the consent of PD subject
    • PD processing is required to perform an agreement to which PD subject is a party or under which PD subject is a beneficiary or a guarantor, including the event when the processor exercises its right to assign rights (claims) under such agreement, as well as to enter into an agreement at the initiative of PD subject or an agreement under which PD subject shall be a beneficiary or a guarantor.
    • PD processing is required to exercise rights or legitimate interests of the processor or third parties, or achieve socially significant objectives, provided that no PD subject's rights and liberties are infringed thereby.
    • PD is processed for statistical or other research purposes, subject to mandatory PD depersonalization, with the exception of PD processing for the marketing of goods, work, services by directly contacting potential consumers using communication tools, as well as for political agitation.
    • PD subject authorized access to such PD or made such PD available to general public
    • PD is subject to publishing or mandatory disclosure pursuant to federal law
    • The Company may also process PD in other cases stipulated by federal legislation.
    The Company may only include PD subjects into publicly available PD sources as required by the federal legislation or upon receipt of PD subject's written consent.

    The Company shall carry out cross-border transmission of employees' PD for the purpose of fulfillment of contractual obligations by counterparties only upon PD subject's written consent.

    The Company shall not, solely based on automated PD processing, make any decisions that may entail legal consequences for PD subject or otherwise affect its rights and legitimate interests.

    Unless otherwise stipulated by the federal law, the Company may only assign PD processing to another person upon the consent of PD subject based on an agreement entered into with that person (hereinafter — "Processor's assignment"). In this case the Company shall oblige the person assigned to process PD, to comply with PD processing principles and rules stipulated in the federal law. If the Company assigns PD processing to other person then the Company shall be liable before PD subject for actions of such person. The person assigned by the Company to process PD shall be liable before the Company.

    The Company shall itself and shall oblige other persons having access to PD, not to disclose PD to third parties and not disseminate PD without PD subject's consent, unless otherwise stipulated by the federal law.

    The Company shall terminate PD processing in the following cases:

    • Achievement of PD processing purposes
    • Expiration of PD processing term stipulated by the federal legislation, agreement, or PD subject's consent to its PD processing
    • If PD subject revokes its consent to its PD processing in cases that are compliant with federal legislation requirements.
    8.2 Implementing requirements to personal data protection

    When processing PD, the Company takes all necessary legal, organizational and technical measures to protect PD from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, submission, distribution, and other wrongful acts with respect to PD.

    The Company takes the following measures to arrange processing and protection of PD that is processed without using automation tools, including:

    • PD (physical media) storage locations are defined for each PD category, and a list of persons having access to and eligible for PD processing is defined
    • PD (physical media) that are processed for different purposes are stored separately
    • Conditions are observed that ensure PD safety and prevent unauthorized access during physical media storage

    information systems are implemented, including:

    • PD safety level when processing in PD information systems is determined
    • Requirements to PD protection in PD information systems are fulfilled in compliance with the defined PD security levels
    • Necessary information protection tools are used
    • Efficiency of PD security measures is accessed before putting PD information system in operation
    • PD machine-readable media are accounted
    • PD unauthorized access is detected, and then relevant measures are taken
    • Those PD that were modified or destroyed due to unauthorized access are recovered
    • Rules are set for access to PD that are processed in PD information system, and actions concerning PD in PD information system are detected and logged, where necessary
    • PD security measures and PD information system security level are monitored.

    9. Policy violation and responsibility

    The Company is responsible for personal data processing and protection in compliance with legislation. All the Company employees involved in PD processing are responsible for compliance with this Policy and other internal regulations of the Company relating to PD processing and security.

    Any employee who has been aware of this Policy violation or suspects such violation must report to a person responsible for organization of PD processing in compliance with procedures adopted in the Company.

    Any violations of this Policy and other internal regulations of the Company relating to PD processing and security shall be investigated in compliance with procedures adopted in the Company.

    The persons found guilty of violation of existing order and procedures of PD processing and security may be subject to disciplinary, financial, civil, administrative and criminal liability in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

    Consent to personal data processing
    By continuing to use this website, you consent to the processing of your personal data (full name, phone number, and email address) by JSC CROC incorporated (TIN 7701004101, registered office at 26V build. 2, Bolshaya Pochtovaya St., Moscow, 105082) in order to obtain information about its products, solutions, and services. Such consent shall be valid until revoked.

    You consent to the above personal data collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, retrieval, use, transmission, anonymization, blocking, removal, and destruction.

    Your personal data may be processed in a mixed manner (non-automatically when on paper and automatically when in information systems or on electronic media).

    You may revoke this consent by a written request drafted as per Part 3 of Article 14 of Personal Data Federal Law 152-FZ of July 27, 2006.
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