Front-End Systems

Software solutions by global leading vendors help CROC's customers open up new business opportunities: employees enjoy new tools for day-to-day tasks, while managers acquire an insight into key growth drivers. These systems optimize usage of all available business information, help establish effective relations with customers, and foster a favorable environment for all process participants.
  • Build up your own expertise powered by knowledge management systems and corporate social media.
  • Simplify and automate business processes by using special-purpose BPM and RPA platforms.
  • Develop new service formats based on web portals, self-service systems, online marts, and mobile apps.
  • Improve service quality and understand your customers better by leveraging integrated CRM solutions.

CROC offers both task-specific systems and end-to-end solutions designed to consolidate and automate multiple functions. Our experts can mate Russian and foreign products to create unique solutions for every customer.
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