RPA and chatbots

CROC solutions facilitate day-to-day business processes and free staff from routine operations. Special-purpose systems instantly retrieve data from disparate information systems, convert them to a single format, and display them in a user-friendly format. Therefore, a process that previously required a few days to complete can now be executed with a single click, without errors, delays, or the wasting of valuable employee time.

These solutions are ideal for tasks such as entering bills into accounting systems, consolidating data for reporting, executing certificates and requests. Our practice shows that robotization of even a single process releases several man-days per specialist annually.
To handle complex processes more easily, CROC's employees use a special bot in a messenger service (such as Telegram), offering an intuitive interface for a wide variety of information systems. Now, employees can quickly order IT services or HR-related documents, clarify information or access peer contact details.
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