Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Communications technology is used to create a single information environment for company employees, contractors and partners. UC comprises email, telephony, corporate messengers, video conferencing, collaboration tools, etc.

UC allows employees to interact efficiently, easily, and quickly both inside and outside the office. This technology also provides ample opportunities for co-working and distant learning, especially when it comes to large geographically distributed companies, resulting in improved interaction and less business travel costs.
Malware, spam and data leak protection and the backup of key components underpin corporate security excellence, while the use of advanced encryption standards and access right management virtually eliminate the risk of data leakage and unauthorized access.

Armed with UC, team members, no matter where they are, can simultaneously discuss problems, share documents, create notes, and perform many other actions in real time from their PCs, notebooks, smartphones, etc.

A unified interface and easy information access simplify interaction since a single universal app is used for email, instant messaging, and audio and video calls. The app can also be used to schedule meetings and organize VC sessions for training or communicating with colleagues in remote offices.

UC benefits:
Reduced OPEX (IP telephony dramatically reduces the cost of long-distance and international calls, while regular and effortless VC sessions reduce the need for business travel)
Improved performance (especially for geographically distributed project teams)
Corporate communications now take 30 minutes to several hours less since employees are always online
Compliance with corporate communication channel security policy
Polycom Solution Center

Six demo rooms with VC and UC solutions for business acceleration!
The demo center features immersive telepresence systems, VC solutions for meeting rooms, single-user systems, and UC solutions integrated with products from leading vendors. In addition, the center showcases demo products for various industries, including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and production.
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