Video Analytics

CROC's video analytics solution allows customers to retrieve business-critical information from surveillance cameras or video files. The system splits video stream into frames, detects faces, and searches matches in a database. When recognized, a predefined scenario is activated: entry is permitted/prohibited, and a notification is sent that a VIP or blacklisted person has arrived. This provides much better situation control compared with well-trained security officers watching displays day and night, since the latter may get tired, distracted or miss (occasionally or intentionally) important details.
The system helps ensure security, analyze people traffic at malls, and track employee working time. Moreover, advanced system options allow for the identification of social and demographic features (such as gender and age) and even emotions. CROC integrates video analysis tools with other enterprise systems to enable real-time information processing and reporting. IM notifications of a black/white listed person entering a monitored zone are automatically sent to the responsible officer.

Depending on goals and capabilities, customers may either deploy a solution locally or utilize it as a managed service from CROC's cloud, thus avoiding costs related to hardware and software deployment, support, and maintenance. When compared to a company using its own infrastructure, average savings amount to 30%.
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